This Adventure in photos

You’ve read about it. Here are some photos to go along with the experiences.

Me in a nutshell. Sneaking a Werthers while waiting on a biopsy! :)

Me in a nutshell. Sneaking a Werthers while waiting on a biopsy! :)

People in my life have been so supportive. The care packages and the lovely notes have been so sweet. Definitely giving me all the feels as I prepare to wage war against such a formidable adversary.

Another sweet student.

Another sweet student.

From a sweet student of mine.

From a sweet student of mine.

20181024_090139 (1).jpg

Basket of goodies

This seriously made my heart melt. I love this family for caring enough to reach out to me and giving me this basket of goodies.


“We need you to undress….”

If I never hear that again it would be too soon! I’m having to pay to strip and I’m pretty sure it’s suppose to be the other way around.


Why so big?

Almost everything has been emailed. This envelope was stuffed to the max and I dreaded what could possibly be inside. Just test results telling me I’m BRCA1 Positive. Good times. Not.


My co-workers rock.

I can truly say I am blessed to work with the most supportive teachers throughout all of this. They’ve supported me getting to appointments and have just been a really positive light for me. I am so grateful for them. They’re fasting for me soon and that humbles me so much! Love them.


Another box of love…

I came home late one night to this sitting on my doorstep! Lots of wonderful things to keep me busy while in chemo. There’s also a blanket but I didn’t get that in the shot! I love being loved.


Jane and Emma…

These beauties went to see Jane and Emma with me! We had a great night and it did my heart good. I was grateful to be surrounded by such good hearts and kind spirits.

Get checked!

Who doesn’t want a bag that talks about mammograms? Thanks for being a good sport and taking this picture with me!


Biopsy #2

The tool of death. They like to push it as far into your side as possible. It feels really great. And that gel gets everywhere…that also is really great.


A village of love…

These are my Texas people. They have been such a great support system and been there since the beginning. Love them so much.


There’s a fighter in me...

My sis made this for me. In it to win it.